5 Basic Yoga Poses For Beginners

Today’s time of pandemics made people realize the importance of yoga. It can say that beginner’s yoga training demand has been increasing day by day. The rising trend of this form of exercise due to yoga made simple lives of people whether it is teenager, adult or aged ones. It’s normal for you to feel de-motivated due to gaining weight in lockdown or losing flexibility, body shape. But yoga isn’t only about those crazy things like arm-balancing, pretzel poses that are so popular on social media. Yoga can be started in an easy way by beginning with basic poses, whether its plank or mountain pose. It also gives you amazing results in terms of feeling energize and less tired. Yoga basic poses themselves include many benefits, but it’s all dependent on how individuals make their way to more advanced poses.

When you want to learn some basic moves, then the Best yoga DVD is available over the internet, which could help you to get yoga into regular practice. There is various best Yoga DVD for overweight exist which helps many people to lose your extra body fat as yoga is not all about meditation, but it also helps you to lean your inefficient body manner. Definitely, yoga poses take time to show final results, but it surely provides a long-term output that proves to be effective for both physical and mental health. Whether you want to practice Yoga moves into classes or even at home, these five basic recommended yoga poses for beginners would help them get into shape and become healthy even in this pandemic time. Here are the sequences that can get you started.

 Mountain Pose

  • Mountain Pose

It is also considered Tadasana, and this pose looks easy as it’s just about standing. But it’s the basis for all other standing poses and inversions. If you do this activity, you’ll be working your legs and torso. This exercise helps you to boost your confidence and easing anxiety. It improves posture if you practiced regularly and allows to reducing back pain. The pose consists of strengthening the thighs, knees, ankles, buttocks, etc. is proven helpful to reducing fat from the stomach.

 Forward Fold

  • Forward Fold 

It is also known as Uttanasana. It is standing forward bending asana in modern yoga as exercise. It soothes the nervous system and encourages introspection. The process of breathing in or out helps to calm the brain and relieve stress. It stimulates the liver or kidneys. This sort of exercise counts in a modern workout regime where bending or head touching to legs helps you improve flexibility, which could reflect in people’s dancing style or even in a walking pattern. Forward fold is considered a modern form of exercise.

 Plank Constant

  • Plank Pose

It is also called Uttihita Chaturanga. This pose helps to make you active and even considered a modern asana where a straight body parallels the ground is supported by the toes and palms with elbows. It is good for strengthens toes, wrists and abdominal muscles, and lower back. It prepares the body for challenging arm balances. It can be called a modern-day push-up, which is equally effective for the spine and improves posture.


Downward-facing dog
  • Downward-facing dog

It is also known as Adho mukha svanasana. It is an inversion asana in modern yoga exercise. It is often practiced as a flowing sequence of poses. It stretches your back leg muscles and aids indigestion. It also releases stress on your legs which supports in flattening of the stomach. This downward-facing dog poses helps you to calm the nervous system by practicing this exercise. Thus, this pose is simple yet effective in the long run.

 Child Pose

  • Child‘s pose

It is also called Balasana. It is the best yoga pose that helps you to rest and reset your nervous system. Taking a deep breath by moving downward helps you to release your knees to the floor and pull your hips back to heels. It supports strengthening the body’s flexibility and proper flow of blood circulation. This is another best or basic pose for yoga beginners to strengthen the body muscles and keep stretching to improve flexibility.

These five basic poses may help beginners to improve their body postures and mental health as well. For beginners, getting accuracy in a yoga posture is important, and it can only be achieved by selecting the right yoga mat. Mat is a vital part of doing yoga as if the selection of mat is not correct, and it may negatively affect it. That’s one of the reasons why yoga mat features need to learn for right picking.


Requirements to select the yoga mat for beginners:-

  • Extra thick yoga mat:- Thick yoga mat should always be in preference for beginners as it reduces the chances of slippery. The ideal thickness would be a ¼-inch yoga mat as it supports during core work and other postures that cause your bones damage. The use of extra-thick would help you to get less injury even you get slip over the mat.


  • Best travel yoga mat:- The ideal yoga mat for travel purposes would be rubber ones that could be rolled or carry anywhere, and it also takes less place in the bag. This feature is also essential to look at before selecting a yoga mat as if you are a traveler or traveling in a frequent manner, and then rubber fabric is considered a lightweight travel yoga mat and suitable to move to any place easily.


  • Budgeted travel mat: Mats are available at different prices, so it is the duty of the selector to pick up that mat in their budget. It is a must to do some research about the mat before finalizing it.


Thus, these are the best ways to assess the requirements and pick up the right yoga mat. 


Yoga is considered a holistic experience that can only understand when you start practicing it. It could be easy to start by those people who never do any sort of exercise is what we see over social-site about is partially presented where professional poses have shown to people. But yoga starts with simple standing or plank poses, and it is the key source to improve flexibility and fattening the stomach. The benefit of yoga is not only limited to physical health benefits, but it proved useful for mental calmness and pushed to stress-free lives. It is believed that Morning is the best time to do yoga, so why wait? Get started and achieve your desired fitness goals.

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