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Hello people

We at Hope-The helping hand will be working to help poor and needy people.

This foundation is for Needy people, educational purposes for kids, animals and everything that can make our society a better place to live in. We will feed them or provide them the necessities, you can also be a part of this foundation.

Hope is a NGO initiated by Yash Goyal & team. The Agenda behind this NGO is     

  •  Providing nutrition food to poor kids      
  •  Providing food in orphanage       
  •  Providing books to the underprivileged  
  •  Providing basic accessories for school going underprivileged kids   
  •  Providing clothes  to orphanage and old age homes   
  •  Planting trees and saplings

 A single effort of yours can change life of hundreds. Every single penny will be used to help the needful and underprivileged.

Social Wok - Hope the helping hand

Hope the helping hand
Cloth Donation Drive
Donation Now - 9782275136
For Further Details Contact :

Yash Goyal 


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