Remote Control Smart Electric Pulse Neck Cervical Pain Relief Massager

$89.99 $149.99
1. Multiple massage methods & intensity levels & 3s Fast heating function, equibalent to carring a Chinese medicine masseur with you.
2. Lightweight and easy to carry & wireless design, you can use it anytime and anywhere.
3. Environmental protection material & high-grade rubber & exqusite workmanship, it can be a great gift to you.
3 features summarize this neck massager
1. Remote control, free hands
2. Relax the neck muscles
3. Promote blood circulation
4. Relieve neck fatigue
5. More suitable for slender neck
Continuous Innovation
Just to make the high quality
1. 360° smart movable electrode(Automatic ad aptation to neck curve)
2. Surface design of electrode sheet(Increased contact area of skin)
3. High-density connector(Increase the stability of the bracket)
4. Fine carving digital ring(Fine engraved CD lines, touch more textured)
3 Models, 15 levels intensity
A variety of massage strength options, targeted to deal with your neck
【Automatic Mode】Suitable for daily neck care
【Slow Mode】Suitable for neck injury
【Dynamic Mode】Suitable for chronic cervical vertebra strain
Low frequency pulse
Through skin conduction, the low-frequency pulse directly acts sensory nerves cells to achieve analgesic effect.
EMS Tech (Electronic Muscle Simulator)
Electrical pulses are transmitted directly to muscles, causing them to contract and relax repeatedly.
This helps to improve tissue fluid and blood circulation and remove pain-causing substances such as lactic acid.
UK ARM Authorzed Core Chip Industry Leaded
ARM holing is at the core of digital electronic product development and is a joint venture with Apple. For this reason, we use the ARM licensed Kernel to make the running faster, massage strength more stable and power consumption lower.
Powered by ARM grade a chip
SKG provides a safer and smarter massage experience
We re-defined the neck massager
SKG has always provided excellent product, experience and after-sales service for users.
At the same time, SKG continue to adhere to the product innovation, put the user experience feeling in the key position, deeply loved by the fans.
Replacing traditional ABS With High elastic composites
Elastic two arms
The elastic material is upgraded, and the two arms support is more flexible and flexible, and id suitable for various neck curves.
No Burden
It only weights 160g, light and thin, comfortable to wear without any inconvenience.
U-shaped ergonomic design reduce needle-like discomfort
The design of 3D floating electrode pads, elastic arms, and silicone gripping arm surfaces allows the electrode pads to closely fit the neck skin during the use of the product, reducing needle-like discomfort caused by poor fit.
Long Battery Endurance
Micro USB charging interface, a charge of 3 hours ensure 30minutes a day for 8days.
How it works?
Step-1: Apply gel on the eletrode and wet towel on your neck before massage.
Step-2: Wear the massager on your neck
Step-3: Long press for 3 seconds, after hearing the drop voice"Di----" ,then you can use the massager.
Step-4: It will automatically shut down after 30 seconds without operation.

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