Mini Remote Control Flame Diffuser Air Humidifier



-100% new design and high quality.
-Improve your quality of life.
-A comfortable life, taste life.
-Remote storage, easy to move and carry.
-Warm company • Endless life
-Accompanied by fire • atmosphere within reach
-[Fire] Companion

Gather light and shadow + fog,
Create realistic flame effect

Safe and touchable, soft water mist
Drive away dry discomfort

Sitting Room:
Its not that the world is too cold, but that it's warm.
The world outside the window is vast but I love the warm fire in front of me.

Food heals the mood • spark heals the soul

Wash away the fatigue of life there is a spark of hope when you look up

Let the dream burn become the light in the long night

There are books and on the ideal road, the future you want

Even if the work is chaotic also like the spark of hope everyday

We pour all our love - Rekindle life


Applicable Object: Household
Number Of Fog Outlets: 1
Operation Mode: Remote Control
Timing Function: 2-8 Hours
Water Shortage And Power Failure Protection: Support
Power Supply Mode: USB
Shape: Round
Noise: 36-45 db
Color: White, Pink, Green, Grey
Material: Plastic
Package Size: 220 x 180 x 30 mm, 220 x 180 x 50 mm


-Ambient flame projection
-Mute humidification
-Fine aerosol fragrance
-200ml large capacity
-1 / 3 / 6h timed power off
-Droplet remote control operation
-Innovative [cold flame]
-Safe lightning life inspiration
-Life surging like fire

Package Content:

Humidifier * 1,USB Cable * 1

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