Electric Head Massager

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Name Four-head low-frequency cervical spine massager
Charging power 100-240V AC
Temperature 38-42 ° C
Pulse frequency 0Hz-1000Hz
Pulse width 20us ~ 400us
Single-pulse power at maximum output amplitude > 7uC
Single pulse maximum output energy ≤300mJ
Maximum output amplitude RMS ≤25V (50mA)
Surface magnetic field strength ≥0.01T
Product size 14x15.5x9cm / 5.5x6.1x3.5inch
Net Weight 188g

Product introduction:

-The cervical spine massager uses a streamlined ring design, which conforms to the physiological curvature of the human cervical spine. Using circular traction, infrared thermal moxibustion and vibration massage. The five-in-one synchronous multi-channel massage forms an effective composite energy field that reaches the deep tissues and bone marrow of the human body.

-It can promote the local relaxation of local muscles, achieve swelling, pain relief and fatigue relief. It is suitable for assisting massage of neck pain, shoulder numbness, headache and dizziness caused by spinal diseases.

Product Features:

1.Designed according to ergonomics, 360° float fits the neck intelligently, conforming to the neck curve, suitable for cervical massage of different people 

2. 3 modes: Pulse mode, thumping mode, acupressure mode

3. Select 20 kinds of speed and level adjustment, suitable for most of people

4. Four massage heads can accurately cover the 4-7th cervical spine peripheral massage, just covering the common cervical spine pain area

5. 42 ℃ constant temperature hot compress, warmth penetrates the skin for more comfort

Packaging includes:

1 x Cervical massager

1 x Charging cable

1 x User manual

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