Halloween Angel Elf Ears

$19.99 $23.99


1. It is suitable for most people's ears and can be directly clamped on the ears! The soft latex elf ears can be used to dress up elves, fairies, elves, goblins and so on.
2. Very suitable for role-playing, Halloween parties, bar parties, various movies, micro movie shooting and taking pictures!
3. Made of high-quality latex, high temperature resistance, foldable and kneaded, and will not deform. It can be heated to change the collision shape.
4. Reusable & DIY: It can be reused after washing, clean with water or facial cleanser. For light skin, you can use cosmetics, such as foundation and other cosmetics to change the color.
Material: Latex
Size: Small: 10*4cm
Large size: 12*4.5cm

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