Lazy Double Color Eyeshadow


1. Use innovative diagonal cutting technology to achieve natural gradation.
2. The texture is soft and delicate, gentle and moisturizing.
3. The right contrast can create a perfect fit make makeup easy.
4. 6 kinds of trend colors, full color, uniform color, high color rendering.
5. Waterproof and antiperspirant effect, easy to remove makeup.
6. The product has a two-color combination, natural fusion, unique square cutting design
7. The exquisite gradient eye makeup brings you artistic color matching and easy interpretation of changeable makeup.
8. Convenient Refill: Rotate gently to adjust the length of the refill at will, which is more convenient and intimate


Name: Lazy Double Color Eyeshadow
Product Size: 5 * 2 * 12 cm
Product Weight: About 30 g
Color: 6 Colors To Choose From
Product Packaging: Color Box
Applicable Crowd: General
Skin Type: Normal
Net Product Content: 3.8 g
Shelf Life: 3 Years

Style A: Rotating Upgraded Version 01# Double Eye Shadow
Style B: Rotating Upgraded Version 02# Double Eye Shadow
Style C: Rotating Upgraded Version 03# Double Eye Shadow
Style D: Rotating Upgraded Version 04# Double Eye Shadow
Style E: Rotating Upgraded Version 05# Double Eye Shadow
Style F: Rotating Upgraded Version 06# Double Eye Shadow
Style G: Push-pull Section 01# Color Eye Shadow
Style H: Push-pull Section 02# Color Eye Shadow
Style I: Push-pull Section 03# Color Eye Shadow
Style J: Push-pull Section 04# Color Eye Shadow
Style K: Push-pull Section 05# Color Eye Shadow
Style L: Push-pull Section 06# Color Eye Shadow

Package Content:

1 * Eye Shadow

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